School and finals can be stressful. Take a break, relax, and get in the Earth Day sprit! Join us on Earth Day from 4pm-6pm for an Earth Day Paint and Chill celebration. Have some fun, meet the Kendeda Fellows and gain cool insights on sustainable practices and The Kendeda Building, create Earth Day inspired art, and enjoying a Zero waste meal. You must find a wooden T for event location details. *This event is sponsored by The Kendeda Building and the Kendeda Fellows. 

Rules image

How to Play

  1. Follow The Kendeda Building on Facebook or Instagram @kendedabuilding

  2. Look for daily posted clues on social media stories (multiple T's will be given out daily)

  3. Find a T and Scan the QR code that's on your T. 

  4. Fill out the reservation form to get location details and an invite to Earth Day Paint & Chill. 

  5. Bring your wooden T with you on 4/22 to gain entry to the "Earth Day Paint & Chill" celebration.