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Georgia Tech received the Energy Matters Award "Best Sustainability by an Education Institution" for The Kendeda Building.

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Planting a Vegetable Garden

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Energy Matters

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  • During 12-month performance period, The Kendeda Building:
    • collected and infiltrated into the ground 15 times the amount of water needed for operations
    • supplied 225% of its energy needs via onsite renewable energy, far exceeding the 105% LBC requirement
    • exported 243,520 kWh to adjacent buildings 
    • had approximate -$15,500 cost for electricity 
  • 16 foam flush toilets and waterless urinals (combined) use less water than one typical low-flow toilet
  • At least 50% of products and services sourced from within 621 miles
  • Portion of floor deck constructed by participants of workforce development program for economically disadvantaged Atlanta residents
  • Building composed of materials screened for common hazardous chemicals known to harm human and environmental health
  • Saved $60,000 by converted original heart pine joists used in the construction of the iconic Tech Tower into treads for building’s monumental staircase

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Kendeda Building Videos

Sustainable Sculpture at Georgia Tech
Sustainable Sculpture at Georgia Tech

World-renowned sculptor Patrick Dougherty was commissioned by Georgia Tech to create one of his unique, large-scale art installations. "Chip Off the Ole Block” is made entirely of saplings and natural materials that were sourced by volunteers at Serenbe, the new Urbanism community located in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. The large-scale installation enjoys a commanding location on the newest section of Georgia Tech’s Eco-Commons, adjacent to The Kendeda Building.

Youtube video
Urban Agriculture at Georgia Tech: Kendeda Building Fall Planting

Urban agriculture gives us an opportunity to connect to our food. At the Kendeda Building, we have three plantings and harvesting a year with the help of student volunteers.

The New Normal: A Sustainable Response to COVID-19
The New Normal: A Sustainable Response to COVID-19

This documentary features observations made by students, staff, faculty, and building professionals regarding COVID-19, the built environment, and how lessons learned from The Kendeda Building can inform what “the new normal” looks like once we emerge from this crisis. This film is dedicated to Nirmala Patel, Rasik Sheth, and all those we've lost to this pandemic.