The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design (“Kendeda Building”) is the latest example of the Georgia Institute of Technology's sustainability leadership and innovation. Georgia Tech completed the building in September 2019 and constructed it to the Living Building Challenge 3.1 (“LBC”) certification standard, the world’s most ambitious building performance standard. For example, The Kendeda Building must produce more onsite renewable electricity than it uses and it has composting toilets that use a fraction of the water of conventional toilets. This Building Manual provides tips on usage, instructions for reserving space, and catering guidelines, as well as details on how to operate and maintain the building.

Table of Contents

1. Key Contacts and Mailing Address

2. Building Operating Schedule and Daily Calendar 

3. Tips on Usage

4. Events & Reservations

5. Catering Guidelines

6. Classes & Scheduling

7. Materials Management

8. Green Cleaning

9. Landscape Management 

10.Pest Management

11. Water Management 

12. Building Systems and Envelope