Table of Contents

Appendix A: List of Non-Paper Products
Appendix B: List of Labratory Products


I. Introduction 

The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design is committed to environmental stewardship by maintaining purchasing practices, as well as materials disposal that promote and encourage the use of environmentally and socially responsible products and practices. This work plan establishes a sustainable purchasing program for items purchased for use in the building, as well as details on resource recovery, i.e., the collection of recyclables and compostable food scraps, and disposal.

Requirements for materials management are found in the Materials Petal of the Living Building Challenge under the Net Positive Waste Imperative, which states that that “the project team must strive to reduce or eliminate the production of waste during design, construction, operation, and end of life in order to conserve natural resources and to find ways to integrate waste back into either an industrial loop or a natural nutrient loop.” For its operation phase, every project must have a collection plan for consumables and durables. Moreover, there must be dedicated infrastructure for resource recovery.

While not directly covering the purchase of items covered by this Materials Management Work Plan, the Red List Imperative and Living Economy Sourcing Imperative provide philosophical guidance that influenced this work plan. This work plan promotes purchasing policies that conserve resources, energy, and water; minimize the harmful environmental effects of pollution and toxicity; improve environmental health; support recycling markets and reusability; reduce landfill waste; support local suppliers; and educate through environmental stewardship and leadership during the operational phase of the building.

There are other work plans for the purchase and management of the following products:


II. Contact Information

For general information regarding building operations and maintenance, custodial services, and servicing of bins, please contact Brooke Vacovsky, Kendeda Building Senior Facilities Manager:

For specifics regarding resource recovery, i.e., the collection of recyclables and compostable items, contact the Office of Solid Waste Management & Recycling (OSWM&R) at (404) 385-0088.

Below are contacts for materials management procedures for specific spaces in the building.

Office Space, Design Studio/Makerspace, Auditorium, Classrooms, Seminar Room, and Conference Rooms

Kamilah Roberts, Program & Operations Manager


Juan Archila, Research Scientist II

Special Events

Kamilah Roberts, Program & Operations Manager

Landscape Supplies and Equipment

Refer to the Landscape Operations and Maintenance Work Plan.

Custodial Supplies and Equipment

Refer to the Green Cleaning Work Plan.

Pest Control Supplies and Equipment

Refer to the Pest Management Work Plan.


III. Expectations

  • The execution of this work plan requires coordination across multiple departments, e.g., OSWM&R, Building Services, Landscape Services, and College of Sciences. Each department commits to executing its portion of this work plan, e.g., purchasing, based on protocols enumerated in this work plan. Staff from the multiple departments that manage materials in The Kendeda Building will seek approval from the Building Director prior to making changes to bins, deviating from this work plan, or conducting waste audits in the building.
  • The Office of Sustainability will contribute lessons learned from this program to the broader community of professionals working to promote sustainable purchasing. This could include sharing in annual reports, case studies to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s portal, and the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council.


IV. Supply Purchasing

Paper Products

All paper products will meet the following standards:

  • 100% recycled printer and copier paper.
  • Other paper products that contain the highest recycled content available.
Non-Paper Products

Buyers will purchase products such as non-paper office products that contain the highest post-consumer content available, but no less than the minimum recycled content standards established by the US EPA. Note that EPA’s recommendations do not preclude procuring agencies from purchasing non-paper office products made from the materials manufactured using other materials, such as wood or cloth. EPA simply recommends that procuring agencies, when purchasing non-paper office products made from the materials designated in the procurement guidelines, purchase these products containing recovered materials.

Buyers will purchase remanufactured products, such as toner cartridges, whenever practicable, but without reducing safety, quality, or effectiveness. Buyers will also reduce or eliminate use of products that contribute to the formation of dioxins and furans by prohibiting purchase of products that contain or are packing in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) such as office binders and other supplies.

See Appendix A for a list of non-paper products and associated standards for each item.

Electronic Equipment

Personnel from multiple departments sit in The Kendeda Building Office. The purchase of staff computers, monitors, and associated peripherals, and other information and communication technology (ICT) equipment is managed by each department’s Information Technology unit. The Building Director will encourage The Kendeda Building office occupants to request the purchase of personal computers, notebook computers, and monitors that meet at least the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Bronze rating level, with a preference for Silver or Gold rating.

For all ICT equipment not currently rated according to EPEAT standards, seek products that have a RoHS label.

For product categories where an EPEAT standard is in development, now or in future, once a product standard and registration process is in force, all products shall meet the minimum relevant EPEAT standard.

Makerspace / Design Studio Products

The makerspace / design studio will have a 3D printer. The filament used in the 3D printer will be made from cornstarch.

Laboratory Products

Instructors will review all laboratory chemicals against the Red List. If any are not in compliance the instructor will have to demonstrate there is not a suitable alternative. Compliance with the Red List for lab chemicals is a voluntary action and not a requirement of the Living Building Challenge.

See Appendix B for equipment that should be purchased; instructors will search for sustainable products where appropriate but are not required to meet any standards under the Living Building Challenge.

Special Events Products


V. Resource Recovery

Composting and recycling bins are present throughout the interior and exterior of the building. Composting and recycling bins are serviced by different departments based on waste stream and their location in the building. The information below provides details regarding which waste materials are collected in the building, how waste materials are collected in the various spaces types, i.e., restrooms, common spaces, etc., and images of the collection bins that are used in the building.

Recoverable Materials


  • Aluminum cans only.
  • No aluminum foil, trays, etc.
  • Aluminum can bins are serviced by OSWM&R staff.


  • Batteries are collected by Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) personnel on an as needed basis after being notified by The Kendeda Building Director.


  • Only cardboard with a wavy middle layer.
  • Paperboard, such as cereal boxes, should be placed in the mixed paper bin.
  • Boxes should be broken down flat.
  • Corrugated cardboard is picked up from the loading area by OSWM&R staff.

Compostable Materials

  • Food scraps.
  • Paper-based and certified compostable food packaging.
  • Paper towels and napkins.
  • Compost bins are serviced by Building Services
  • Compost vendor is local and compost is returned to local, community gardens.
  • Landscape waste – see Landscape Operations and Maintenance Work Plan.

Confidential Materials

  • OSWM&R will pick up documents that need to be shredded by request.


Food Recovery



  • Clear, green, and brown glass bottles and jars only.
  • No laboratory glass.
  • Glass bins are serviced by OSWM&R staff on Tuesdays.

Mixed Metals

Mixed Paper

  • Mixed paper includes Office paper (all colors):
    • Magazines
    • Newspapers
    • Junk mail
    • File folders
    • Catalogs
    • Brochures
    • Paperback books
    • Adhesive notes
    • Paperboard (such as cereal boxes)
  • OSWM&R staff empties the recycling bins.


  • Pallets are picked up from the designated spot in the loading area on Fridays.


  • Rigid plastic bottles and containers only.
  • No plastic film, plastic bags, or polystyrene foam.
  • Plastic bins are serviced by OSWM&R staff.

Plastic Film

  • Plastic film is collected by OSWM&R and brought to the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials, a local hard to recycle vendor.


  • Styrofoam is collected by the OSWM&R and brought to the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials, a local hard to recycle vendor.

Toner Cartridges


These are materials for which Georgia Tech does not currently have a recycling program. Examples of acceptable items include:

  • Aluminum Foil
  • Plastic Film
  • Styrofoam

These items will be OSWM&R and brought to the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials. Waste streams from the Makers Space / Design Studio will be monitored to determine whether they can be recycled or reused.

Responsibility Matrix

The following is an overview how servicing various streams falls under different departments on campus:

Waste/Recycling Steam Responsible Department
Trash – Indoor Building Services
Compost – Indoor Building Services
Metals – Indoor OSWM&R
Plastics – Indoor OSWM&R
Paper – Indoor OSWM&R
Hard To Recycle – Glass, Batteries, Styrofoam, Plastic Film OSWM&R
Trash – Outdoor Landscape Services
Compost – Outdoor Landscape Services
Plastics – Outdoor OSWM&R
Metals – Outdoor OSWM&R
Batteries Building Director

Those groups identified as the responsible party above are also in charge of the weight of materials onsite, with the exception of compost and hard to recycle materials, which will be weighed by the vendor. Staff from the responsible department listed above will provide a monthly weight total for the waste/recycling streamt to the building’s Program Support Coordinator for tracking purposes.

Bins by Space Type / Event


  • Composting bins
    • Composting bins for paper towels are located in the restrooms.
    • Building Services staff empty the restroom composting bins daily and place the materials in the designated larger bins located in the loading area.
    • The composting bins in the loading area are serviced by a third party vendor.
  • Trash cans
    • Trash cans are emptied daily by Building Services staff.

Common Spaces 

There are three designated waste, recycling, and composting stations in the building. Two collect:

  • Landfill
  • Plastics
  • Metals
  • Compost
  • Paper
  • Hard to recycle items

One station collects all the above except hard to recycle items.

A designated waste, recycling, and composting stations in the building. This station also accepts
hard to recycle products and coffee waste.

A designated waste, recycling, and composting stations in the building.

Individual Work Stations

There are no bins at workstations.

Outdoor Waste and Recycling Stations

Outdoor waste and recycling stations contain landfill, plastics, aluminum, and compost containers. These bins (2 in total) are serviced by the Landscape Services team.

One of two outdoor waste and recycling stations.

Special Events


Appendix A: List of Non-Paper Products
Non-paper Office Product Materials Recovered Post-consumer Recovered Content Total Recovered Content
Recycling Containers and Waste Receptacles Plastic



20-100% -
  Steel 16% 25-30%
  Paper – Corrugated 25-50% 25-50%
  Paper – Solid Fiber Boxes 40% -
  Paper – Industrial Paperboard 40-80% 100%
Desktop Accessories (desk organizers, sorters, trays, and memo, note, and pencil holders) Plastic 25-80% -
Binders Plastic-covered - 25-50%
  Paper-covered 75-100% 90-100%
  Pressboard 20% 50%
  Solid Plastic – High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 90% 90%
  Solid Plastic - Polyethylene 30-50% 30-50%
  Solid Plastic – Polyethylene Terephthalate 100% 100%
  Solid Plastic – Misc. 80% 80%
Trash Bags Plastic 10-100% -
Toner Cartridges

EPA recommends the return of used toner cartridges for remanufacturing and reuse or purchasing a remanufactured or recycled-content replacement cartridge

Printer Ribbons

EPA recommends the procurement of printer ribbon re-inking or reloading services, or re-inked or reloaded printer ribbons.

Plastic Envelopes Plastic    
Plastic Clipboards HDPE    
Plastic File Folders HDPE    
Plastic Clop Portfolios HDPE    


Appendix B: List of Laboratory Products
Equipment / Supplies Description #  Plan to Reuse Plan to Repurchase Plug In Battery Rechargeable Battery
3-hole punch Any type 1 x        
3-ring binders 0.5-1" 3-ring binders any type 4 x        
API aquarium test strips pk of 25 in a small plastic tube 6   x      
Apples Or other fruit/vegetable food waste to feed mealworms 12   x      
Balance Analytical Ohaus Adventurer analytical balance (0.1mg) 2 x   x    
Balance Top loading Ohaus Scout Portable SPX 440g (0.01g) 4 x   x x  
Bean bags Plastic fabric-like material 4" squares 50 x        
Binder clips Medium 25 x        
Binoculars Bushnell NatureView 10x42 10 x        
Biohazard waste boxes Provided by EHS 2x2x2 ft red plastic bag liner 1   x      
Books Field Guides 50 x        
Broken glass container Cardboard, plastic bag lined for broken glass 12x12x27" 1 x        
Broom and dust pan Any type, for cleaning dirt and sand off the lab floor 1 x        
Buckets Home Depot for field work and to store substrates 10 x        
Calculators Scientific calculators 10 x     x x
Calipers Plastic fine calipers 3 x        
Camera GoPro Hero6 Black and accessories 4 x       x
Camera Fuji FinePix XP120 1 x       x
Camera Video Handycam FDRAX53 ultra HD 2 x       x
Canopy Densiometer Spherical concave densiometer 4 x        
Carboy Nalgene carboy 10-20L 1 x        
Cart rolling Lakeside #3 Heavy duty metal 1 x        
Centrifuge tubes 50 ml disposable plastic centrifuge tubes 50pk - plan to reuse 1 x        
Chemical spray bottle Several gallons, hand pump spray, used for water only 1 x        
Chick crumbles 20lb commercial baby chicken food for mealworms paper bag 1   x      
Clickers Metal or plastic hand counters 16 x        
Clinometer Plastic protractor with straw, string, and metal nut 6 x        
Clipboards Standard plastic clipboards 12 x        
Compostable pots Jiffy brand 3.5" 18pk come in plastic holder 8   x      
Corer Metal soil core hand tool 2 x        
Data Collection System Lab Quest 2 Vernier, accessories and sensors 4 x       x
Dice 6 and 12 sided plastic 75 x        
Dish drying rack Plastic coated wire with plastic tray kitchen dish rack 2 x        
Dish soap Any type 1   x      
Dissolved Oxygen Meter YSI Digital professional series ProODO Portable 1 x     x  
Drawstring bags 7" by 5" velvety 25 x        
Dry beans Grocery store bags of dry beans 3 x        
Dry erase cloth Microfiber cloth reusable 1 x        
Dry erase markers Various colors 6   x      
Duct tape Standard duct tape any type 1   x      
Equipment cases Large   1 x        
Equipment cases Medium 20"x15.5"x7" 1 x        
Equipment cases Small 15"x12"x6.7" 6 x        
Eye droppers Rubber and glass 12 x        
Fertilizers Osmocote, miracle gro, phosphate and others 4   x      
First aid kit Med sized, will be taken into the field 1   x      
Flagging tape Bright color plastic flagging tape 4   x      
Forceps Metal tweezers various sizes 13 x        
Fork Garden fork hand tool 4 x        
Funnels Small and medium plastic funnels 6 x        
Glass dishes Pyrex-like medium sized glass dishes, few with plastic lids 12 x        
Glass media bottles 250 ml to 2L Pyrex with plastic lids 10 x        
Glass petri plates Reusable glass to replace plastic 6 x        
GPS Garmin GPS76 Marine Navigator 7 x     x  
GPS Beacon Receiver MBX-3S CSI wireless with nylon backpacks 2 x        
Graduated cylinders 1L and 100 ml 4 x        
Gravel Bucket of gravel 1 x        
Grocery bags Reusable cloth grocery bags 6 x        
Hand soap Antimicrobial preferred 1   x      
Hand lenses Metal frame, glass magnifiers on nylon lanyards 4 x        
Humidity / Temp Sensor Extech Instruments IR thermometer + humidity meter RH101 1 x     x  
Hydroponic growing medium Bucket of clay pellets 1 x        
Ice cube trays Plastic ice cube trays 6 x        
Incubator Fisher Scientific Isotemp Model 637D 1 x   x    
Insect collection Shadow box, dozen plastic tubes 1 x        
Insect spray Option for students and TA field use any type 1   x      
Kimwipes Boxes of laboratory tissues 2 x        
Lab coats For TA and instructor use various sizes and materials 6 x        
Lab pens Chemical resistant permanent fine markers 12   x      
Lab tape large Laboratory tape 3" core 0.5-1" wide 2   x      
Lab tape small Laboratory tape 1" core 0.5-1" wide 6   x      
Label stakes Small plastic label stakes pk of 25 2 x        
Laminated paper guides Stream guides 50          
LaMotte Biopaddles Total coliform test kit 10pk 2   x      
Lanyard Nylon (probably) cord with metal clasp 32 x        
Lens paper Microscope lens cleaning paper pads 3   x      
Light Meter LI-COR Light Meter Li-250A 3 x     x  
Long handle scoop Metal scoop used to transfer dry material to balances 2 x        
Magnifying glasses Small 3-4" Carolina brand 10 x        
Marker pens Sharpie black marker type 6   x      
Mesh Fine plankton size mesh by the yard 5 x        
Metal trays Painted metal trays 3 x        
Meter Tapes Compact 10-15m 6 x        
Meter Tapes Large 50 m length 5 x        
Micropipette tips Plastic disposable in plastic boxes of 96 20   x      
Micropipettes Gilson p1,000, p200, p20 set 4 x        
Microscope Compound Leica DM500 LED 16 x   x    
Microscope Compound Leica DM750 LED with camera ICC@50 2 x   x    
Microscope Dissecting Olympus SZ51 with dark field base illumination 8 x   x    
Microscope slide cover slips Plastic disposable boxes of 100 2   x      
Microscope slides Plain glass reusable slides boxes of 100 2 x        
Microscope slides prepared Plastic box containing 12 prepared specimen slides 5 x        
Modular plastic hoops Colored plastic units that fit together 60 x        
Multimeter YSI 63 pH Salinity Conductivity Temp Model 63-10FT 1 x     x  
Nested cup sets Metric measuring cup sets to 1L set of 5 7 x        
Net D-Frame D-Frame dip net small 2 x        
Net Insect BugDorm brand telescopic handle 2 x        
Net Kick Large Invertebrate Kick Nets, various mesh sizes, long handles 7 x        
Net Plankton LaMotte small nets 5in x 15in 153um 3 x        
Net Plankton Rectangular opening 363um 1 x        
Net Plankton Watermark Plankton Nets 150um 3 x        
Net Plankton Watermark Plankton Nets 80um 3 x        
Net Surber Wildlife Supply Stream bottom sampler 12x12" 1 x        
Net Tri Triangle Shaped Invertebrate dip nets 2 x        
Nitrate Meter Hanna Checker ultra low range nitrate meter Marine HI764 1 x     x  
Nitrile gloves Disposable gloves - rarely used 4 boxes each size S,M,L,XL 16   x      
Paint brushes Small natural and artificial hair 19 x        
Paint pens Pack of 12 assorted colors 12   x      
Paper Various sheets of paper - guides and handouts 100 x        
Paper badge insert ID sized paper badge reused term to term 32 x        
Parafilm Roll 1   x      
Phosphate Meter Hanna Checker low range phosphate meter Marine/Freshwater HI713 1 x     x  
Ping pong balls To measure stream velocity, attached to string 6 x        
Pipet pumps 10 ml green hand pump 12 x        
Pitfall traps Plastic drinking cup, plastic funnel, plastic roof, metal stakes 12 x        
Plant light cart Plant cart 3-tier LED 40 watts total (functional without power) 2 x   x    
Plastic 32oz lidded container Gladware sealable plastic container 15 x        
Plastic badge holder Clear plastic reusable 32 x        
Plastic bin Meal worm colony home, 24"W 6"H x 16"D with lid 1 x        
Plastic poker chips Packs of 100 8 x        
Plastic tanks Deep reusable plastic tanks 12"x8"x8' 14 x        
Radio - Walkie Talkie Uniden Two-way radios with charger 2 x       x
Radio - Walkie Talkie Uniden Two-way radios with charger Model RC6248 1 x       x
Radish seeds Cherry belle from Harris seeds 1,000pk 2   x      
Refractometer Salt Salinity 0-100 ppt 1 x        
Rolling step Rubbermaid movable step up to reach high shelves 1 x        
Rubber boots Variety of sizes 24+ x        
Rubber field gloves Variety of sizes Reusable 8 x        
Rulers Plastic 12 inch rulers 8 x        
Safety glasses TA and instructor use 6 x        
Safety pins Small 100 x        
Sampling containers Reusable plastic 50-200ml for water samples 50 x        
Sand Bag of play sand reused 1 x        
Scissors Any type 6 x        
Scoopulas Metal scoop used to transfer dry material to balances 6 x        
Secchi Disk Secchi disk on rope 3 x        
Sedgwick counting cells Reusable plastic microscope counting cell 6 x        
Serological pipets 10 ml Glass - can clean and reuse pk of 100 2 x        
Sidewalk chalk Multicolor pk of 20 2   x      
Sieve Set Plastic stacked sieve set 1 x        
Sieve set Set of 6 plastic with metal mesh sieves in different sizes 1 x        
Soil 32QT bag of soil 1   x      
Sponge Standard kitchen sponge for cleaning 2   x      
Spoon Metal kitchen spoon 11 x        
Spot plates Ceramic and glass 22 x        
Staplers Staples 2 x        
Stop watches Battery powered 6 x     x  
Strainers Metal kitchen strainer 6" 5 x        
String Roll of nylon string brightly colored 2 x        
Sunscreen Option for students and TA field use any type 1   x      
Temperature IR Nubee handheld IR thermometer 1 x     x  
Temperature Probe Cooper-Atkins waterproof digital pocket thermometer 6 x     x  
Temperature Sensor Fisher Traceable Memory Thermometer Cat # 15-077-8D 1 x     x  
Test strips Many different types of strips in plastic containers 6   x      
Thermometers Glass red liquid filled 2 x        
Towel strips Rags reusable 12 x        
Tripour beakers Plastic reusable 12 x        
Trowels Small hand trowels 8 x        
Tube cleaners Plastic bristle wire brushes to clean glassware various sizes 4 x        
Water and soil test kits LaMotte, plastic boxes, plastic reagent bottles, etc. 12 x        
Waders Chest waders, variety of sizes 16 x        
Water Sampler Van Dorn WildCo Alpha Bottle 2.2L Horizontal P/N 1120-H45 3 x        
Water Sampler Van Dorn WildCo small Bottle ~1L Horizontal 7500-B20 1 x        
Water spray bottles Plastic standard 4 x        
Water squirt bottle Laboratory bottles 3 x        
Weigh boats Plastic - reusable or not pk of 50 3 x        
Wheat seeds Organic from whole foods by the pound 1   x      
Wooden applicators One box Fisherbrand 6" small sticks 100 x        
Yard sticks Wooden 1m sticks 6 x        
Zip ties Various sizes 100   x      
Ziploc bags Various sizes 20   x