Reservations, Guidelines, and Room Specifications

Georgia Tech operates The Kendeda Building in accordance with the Living Building Challenge (LBC), the world’s most rigorous sustainable design and performance standard for buildings. To meet LBC requirements, The Kendeda Building abides by sustainable operating procedures. For example, The Kendeda Building must produce more onsite renewable electricity than it uses, as well as collect, treat, and reuse more water than it needs. This webpage provides guidance on how events can be part of The Kendeda Building’s success.

Visit the Events & Reservations page for details on:

  • Catering and food guidelines
  • Promotional materials, decor, and logistics guidelines
  • Reservations and room specifications

Visit the Classes & Scheduling page for details on:

  • Scheduling classes and reserving classrooms
  • Tips on building ususage: the instructors' classroom guide
  • Classroom service request