The building has composting toilets that use soap foam for "flushing." The foam flush feature is motion-activated. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the stall.
  2. Hear the hum of a motor and observe the foam sliding down the sides of the toilet.
  3. Use the toilet seat cover if you must.
  4. Do your business.
  5. Use toilet paper.
  6. Do not place anything else down the toilet. 


Lighting Controls

The building has a smart, efficient lighting system. Lights will turn off automatically after a period of inactivity. Each room has lighting controls identified with a yellow "Lights" label. Regardless of the number of buttons, the lighting controls work as follows:

  1. Top button is automatic - sensors will determine amount of lighting needed in the room.
  2. Bottom button is off - in this mode, occupants can also use the up or down button to manually increase or decrease luminosity. 
  3. Middle buttons are pre-set brightness settings.


Fan Controls

The building has a unique climate control system that utilizes lots of fans. Each room has fan controls identified with a blue "Fans" label. The switch is "on" and "off" with a slider on the side that allows for speed adjustment.


Window Blind Controls

Rooms either have interior blinds or external blinds. Each room has window blind controls identified with a red label.

  • For interior blinds, the top button is "fully up," the middle buttons are 25% down, 50% down, and 75% down, and the bottom button is "fully down."
  • For exterior blinds, the bottom button is down and the top button is up.


Materials Management

The Kendeda Building seeks to maximize materials diversion from the landfill. There are three indoor receptacle stations and three outdoor receptacle stations for materials in the building. Each is labeled for plastics, aluminum, paper, compost, and landfill (i.e., trash). Two receptacle stations also accept hard-to-recycle materials (e.g., styrofoam and plastic film). Each receptacle station has pictures showing what you can discard in the corresponding bin. Refer to the Materials Management Work Plan for more details.


Audio / Visual

The Auditorium (152) and second floor classrooms (210 and 230) have built in computers (select "Desktop" and then push Cntl+Alt+Delete to login in to your account). You can also bring your own laptop (select "Lectern"). All other rooms are "bring your own device." You can connect to the room projector wirelessly or via an HDMI connection (note that the Makerspace / Design Studio does not have wireless connection). If your computer does not have an HDMI port, please bring an HDMI adapter. Also, bring your own presentation clicker / advancer / laser pointer

The Auditorium has a 5-channel audio system, which include one microphone attached to the podium and four handheld or lapel microphones. Each of the two classrooms have a 2-channel audio system, which include one microphone attached to the podium and one lapel microphone. All other rooms do not have audio systems. 

If you have issues with the building's A/V system, please call the A/V Services Team at 404-894-4669. Assistance is available Monday - Friday from 7am to 8pm.



The building has fewer plugs, and that is by design. Bring your electronic device fully charged.