The Kendeda Fund

Connecting Social, Economic, and Ecological Challenges at the Community Level

The Kendeda Fund is a private grantmaking foundation that empowers communities across the US and around the globe to develop solutions that increase equity, vibrancy, resourcefulness, and resilience. Based in Atlanta, the Fund helps underrepresented but trusted voices build and sustain social and community capital by supporting experienced, and emerging, leaders who have the vision to see problems differently and the courage to challenge conventional thinking. 

Connecting People, Place and Planet

The Kendeda Fund envisions wellbeing for all within the ecological means of the planet, and believes that true sustainability links social and ecological challenges. It works to advance community-based solutions to social and ecological challenges by supporting organizations and projects that:

  • Advance green building design, community-design, and public interest architecture.
  • Champion community wealth building and sustainability strategies.
  • Leverage innovation of cities to advance equity and sustainability.

The Fund also support projects that build capacity to advocate changes to the consumption patterns that compound inequities in social wellbeing and the degradation of natural resources. It aims to:

  • Expand understanding of, and access to, new economic models that advance patterns of sustainable consumption.
  • Encourage activism that promotes solutions to the social and equity challenges caused by climate change.